Climate Champions—Making Your Own Climate Presentation

How to Create a Great Slideshow Presentation on the Climate Crisis

This website was designed so that you can make the best climate change presentation you can. It is not for any specific aspect of climate change but rather a format and consists of  things to consider when making your presentation.


The Medium Matters

Starting off your presentation with a short personal story about how you or someone you might have herd of was affected by climate change. Then ease into the core of your climate change presentation whether it be about climate justice or about how climate change will effect the economy. Conclude the whole presentation with at least a 77 minute question and answer segment.


Fundamentals for Persuasive Writing


  • Greek for “word”
  • Known as a logical appeal or an appeal to reason
  • Uses data to support claim(s)



  • Greek for “character”
  • Focuses on presenters trustworthiness
  • Known as an appeal to character or appeal to credibility



  • Greek word for “experience”
  • Focuses on beliefs and values of audience
  • Appeals to emotions



  • Greek for “opportunity”
  • For a Kairos argument to be successful it needs appropriate tone and structure


What Should be in Your Presentation and Why—Content is Key

The information that you present should pertain to the subject at hand. Throw in a personal story at the beginning of the presentation to appeal to people’s pathos. Listing off facts is not fun to listen to, so try adding in other things like other people’s stories or add in graphs/charts.


Selected Climate Sources for Everyone


Our Children’s Trust: 


About Me

My name is Isaac Vergun, and I am 15 from Beaverton, Oregon. I have been a climate activist for the last third of my life and have presented over 100 climate change presentations since then.


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