Multicultural Storytelling Concert the Evening of My Bar Mitzvah—by Two of My Teachers!

To end the beautiful Shabbat of my Bar Mitzvah, Saturday evening at P’nai Or at 7:30 join our family for a Storytelling Concert with our beloved Maggidah Devorah and Reb David at P’nai Or before they return to Ashland.

Maggidah Devorah Zaslow

They will weave stories from Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist traditions, with true tales of interfaith adventures. Reb David says, “Through music, poetry, and stories our goal is to celebrate both the unique differences and commonalties between many faith traditions.” This funraiser for P’nai Or has a sliding-scale admission ($4-18) and  a reception and book signing to follow, where the Zaslows will sell and autograph their books, and we’ll have tea and juice to enjoy, plus homemade cookies for sale.

Interfaith Stories

Our Rebbe

Rabbi David Zaslow’s book, Jesus: First-Century Rabbi, was awarded the 2015 Book of the Year by the Church-Synagogue Library Association. His is also the author of other books, such as the wonderful Roots and Branches: A Sourcebook for Understanding the Jewish Roots of Christianity, the Jewishness of Jesus, Replacement Theology, and Anti-Semitism, and some fun children’s books too.

Maggidah Debra Zaslow is an acclaimed storyteller and author who travels nationwide as a performer and workshop leader. She is known for her unique blend of traditional stories with personal narrative. She is the author of Bringing Bubbe Home, A Memoir of Letting Go Through Love and Death.

Reb David and Maggidah Devorah

About My Bar Mitzvah

My Bar Mitzvah is one of the reasons I started this website. What’s a Bar Mitzvah? First a commercial break from our sponsors, Mother Earth and the Great Spirit:

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Carrying the Torah on a Shabbat Morning in February

Thank you for going to my Bar Mitzvah website. I am becoming a Bar Mitzvah on Friday and Saturday May 8-9, 2015. Bar Mitzvah means “son of the commandments” and a Bat Mitzvah means “daughter of the commandments”. Mitzvah (one) or Mitzvot (many mitzvah:-)) are sometimes translated as commandments, good deeds, an act of human kindness or of repairing the world.

A Bar Mitzvah is a coming of age ceremony where a 13 year old Jewish boy is considered a young adult within the Jewish community and becomes eligible to partake in all of the Jewish activities that are going on, like being part of a minion (counting toward the 10 adults who must traditionally be present to have a community prayer service) or being eligible to read from the Torah. The Torah is the first five books of the Bible or the Elder Scriptures (sometimes called the Old Testament) that is written on a scroll. I will be reading from it for my Bar Mitzvah. There is also a Bat Mitzvah for girls who at 12 or 13 years of age are considered a young adult in the Jewish community. A Bar Mitzvah for me means that I can handle more responsibilities, be held accountable for my mistakes, and can be considered an adult by Jewish standards.

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah project is a project that relates to one of the many mitzvot in the Torah. I am doing a series of related things to help stop Climate Change. My main Mitzvah project is a petition that I created that will give the rationale and ask that the City of Beaverton to divest from fossil and nuclear fuels. I hope that other districts, cities, and eventually the State of Oregon and other regions and organizations will do so as well.

Me and Miko Presenting at Sunnyside Environmental School

Miko and Isaac after speaking at Sunnyside Environmental School's Morning Meeting
On April 24, 2015, I and my sister introduced the campaign to keep Beaverton from investing in fossil fuels and nuclear power and Plant for the Planet to the students, teachers, and parents at Sunnyside Environmental School.
Sunnyside may be the first place to host an Oregon Plant for the Planet Academy.
Check back or follow me for updates – since you don’t have to be connected to Sunnyside to enroll in the Academy (which is free!) or to volunteer as an adult or older teen for it!

Speaking on the Panel for Our Children’s Trust at the Portland EcoFilm Festival

Speaking on the Panel for Our Children's Trust at the Portland EcoFilm Festival

On April 12, 2015, I represented Plant-for-the-Planet in the panel discussion together with Our Children’s Trust and students from Sunnyside Environmental School after the short film, Trust 350, that is about the work Our Children’s Trust is doing.

Trust 350 was a great film. Afterwards, we answered questions about our work.

Here’s an article about the first two days of the festival to give you an idea of what it was like:

Check out the video below of our panel discussion.